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RILOS - Retail Intelligence Location Solutions - is a consulting company focused exclusively on the retail related sector, providing strategic analysis of potential or current point of sales through a single technological platform combining the latest geographic, socio-economic, analytical and market data together with an unique expertise in the modeling of local customer behaviors.

altOur solutions provide effective instruments for minimizing risks and helping decision-making regarding the opening of new locations and optimization of current point of sales and networks. We can provide a comprehensive package of services tailored to specific needs for four main categories: Expansion Planning, Asset Enhancement, Network Optimization and Field Monitoring.

Our approach is demonstrated through independent expertise and ad-hoc solutions enabling you to minimize risks by benchmarking and double-checking your internal appraisals.

Our editors, industry analysts and researchers monitor information from sources as diverse as the 24-hour newswire, official companies' web-sites, retail / real estate publications, official statistical bodies (both federal and local), local consumer forums and reliable specialized partners. Furthermore, all data gathered during this process is double-checked during field visits by our Mystery Shoppers' Team to assure the veracity of the facts used and published in our reports.


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