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Choose where to have a drink on the terrace in Moscow with our brand new interactive map

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More than 1 784 terraces have received an official authorization from Moscow City administration. Which area has most of terraces, and is there some terrace you haven't spotted yet near your home or your work?

From our data, from the 128 administrative areas of Moscow city, only 44 of them counts more than 10 terraces within their borders. Clear Moscow leader is Tverskoy Rayon with 235 terraces, followed on second position by Presnesnki Rayon with 111 terraces, and Top 5 rayons gather more than 30% of all Moscow City terraces.

The most concentration of terrasses at micro-level is to be found between New Arbat and Old Arbat (29 terraces), and the second one betwen Bolshay Dmitrovka and Neglinnaya Ulitsa (23 terraces)

The three biggest terraces within 3rd Ring are "Landysh" in Novy Arbat with 670 sq.m., Budvar in Kotelnischeskoe Naberejenie with 500 sq.m. and Uzbechka in Pushkinskaya Square with 500 sq.m.

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