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Thursday, 22 September 2016 00:00

Restaurant Location Audit: Big Data at your service

Each restaurant business representative knows that one of the best methods to assess potential of a street retail location is to count car & people traffic, as well as their characteristics. However, even the biggest retailers lack resources to assess in such way all commercial real estate proposals in major cities.

In this regard, we are glad to present a new function of our online platform Geomatrix which allows to aggregate active population data within cities on the level of small micro-zones. 

This technology allows to analyze millions of retrospective geo-behavioral events and create consumer profiles based on the level of consumers’ interests in various locations they visit and the mobile applications they use.In the result we produce an interactive map with high concentration of consumer profiles relevant to products and services of our clients.

Active population data helps to define micro-zones with high concentration of your targeted audience and to forecast consumer activity in your restaurants, make an audit of current retail locations, plan the expansion in new cities or regions, carry out more accurate planning of city infrastructure development as well as define best locations for offline advertisement.

Check out 4 examples of using active population index tailored for various retail categories, in the center of Moscow.active population restaurant en

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