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Strategical Studies - Sample Analysis
01.08.2017 00:00

Strategical Studies - Sample Analysis


Loyalty Cards - Sample Analysis
01.07.2017 00:00

Sample Analysis - Clients Analysis


 Sample Analysis - Analysis by Districts



Sample Analysis - Analysis by Grids


Sample Analysis - Analysis by Time Zone

Retail Expansion in world cities

Retail Expansion in world cities

Where to focus on for your retail expansion worldwide - a simple demographic approach.

Discover the main 1 962 world cities through our latest dynamic map, with population analysis from 1950 till 2030, and prioritize your expansion plans country by country, and cities by cities.

You can select cities with more than X population using right widgets, and analyse their potential population growth till 2030, in order to see how strong the demographic risk will be towards your new retail assets.


 Source: RILOS


World Cities 1950-2030

Asset Management - Sample Analysis
10.05.2017 00:00

Asset Management - Sample Analysis Moscow


Asset Management - Sample Analysis London

Blog DataViz - French Retail brands in Russia
09.05.2017 00:00


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French Retail brands in Russia - Overview in April 2017

French Retail brands in Russia - 70 main brands, 2 321 points of sales in April 2017, check out the new and updated data here

french retail in russia 2017-04 v3

Source: Exclusive Rilos.ru


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