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Discover Carto tutorials in English and in Russian


1. Rilos Carto Webinar in Russian

RU Webinar: Carto Basic

RU Webinar: Carto Advanced                                                         

 Authors: http://rilos.ru/ru/carto/carto-tutorials Authors: http://rilos.ru/ru/carto/carto-tutorials                                    


 2. Official Carto Webinar in English

EN Webinar: Solve your mapping needs

EN Webinar for Developers

 Authors: www.carto.com Authors: www.carto.com


3. Official Carto Tutorials in English

Online Mapping for beginners

Design for beginners - Lesson2

Carto.js from the Ground Up

SQL and PostGIS in Carto

 Authors: www.carto.com Authors: www.carto.com Authors: www.carto.com


4. Official Carto Tutorials in English - additional materials


- http://cartodb.github.io/training/


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